Miriam Pinilla Solow

President of Miritek, Inc. has been in the coffee business for more than 20 years.

Originally based in the Republic of Panama, Miriam Pinilla & Asociados, offered consulting services to Panamanian corporations, Coca Cola Bottling Co. of Panama, Cerveceria Baru-Panama, S.A., Vidrios Panameños, S.A., Polymer Group, and Sterling Products S.A.

Later she joined the Romagosa Group, Cafetales, S.A. and Café Duran, as a consultant on coffee markets. She was agent and representative for Carl Kitzing, Costa Rica and later for Mercon Coffee Corp., New York.

Our Team


Mr. Rosales has been in the export of agricultural products since 1994. For the last  years, he has been a consultant and trainer to the major cooperatives in Nicaragua assisting them on their exporting and financing needs.


Mr. Guerrero has a degree in Agroindustry and International Commerce. He is well versed in the National Regulators and Classification of Green Coffee in Nicaragua. He oversees quality control at the different stages of the coffee preparation.